Electoral body planning coordinated action against serious electoral malpractice

FIEIT and IEDRM planning coordinated action against serious electoral malpractice
The FIEIT and the IEDRM wish to highlight the progress that has been achieved to date in the 2016 Electoral Process. Voting for Seats in the Upper House is almost complete, and about 40 per cent of the Seats in the House of the People have already been conducted. The overall process so far has been conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner except for a few isolated incidents in Jowhar, Beidoa, Cadaado and Kismaayo.
The FIEIT and the IEDRM are concerned by allegations of malpractices in a number of House of the People Elections recently held in various regions.
Allegations include the harassment and intimidation of some members of the electoral management bodies and ,candidates, the manipulation of delegate and candidate lists, misuse of government resources (including use of members of security forces) to favor some parliamentary candidate over others and use of private security/financial resources to intimidate and compromise some candidates and delegates.
To safeguard the overall credibility of the process, the FIEIT and the IEDRM will cooperate closely in accordance with their respective mandates, to thoroughly investigate these allegations.
When investigations confirm that serious malpractices have occurred, the FIEIT and the IEDRM will take appropriate and decisive actions.
Such actions can and will include nullification of the election results and disqualification of candidates who have committed the malpractices.
A continued and particular concern remain that some clans are not adhering to the NLF requirements to fulfill the 30% quota by reserving for a woman one seat in every three seats or combined seats of clans. This rule needs to be respected in all the upcoming elections. Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in action by the FIEIT and IEDRM against the offending clans both in past and upcoming elections.
The FIEIT and the IEDRM wish to reiterate that it is paramount requirement for all stakeholders in this election to abide by the rules and regulations of the electoral process, as defined and agreed by the NLF.