EU NAVFOR Flagship ESPS Galicia Welcomes Official Representatives from Galmudug Authorities Aboard



During their European Union counter-piracy patrols off the coast of Hobyo, the commanding officer of EU NAVFOR’s Spanish flagship, ESPS Galicia, took the opportunity to welcome on board Galmadug’s State Minister of Home Affairs, Omar Mohamed Diriye.

Other officials were also invited on board, including the Mayor of Hobyo, Abdulahi Ahmed Ali, Deputy Commander of the Galmudug Coast Guard, Farah Adan Ali and the former Minister of Fishery, Marine Resources and Ports of Galmadug, Mohamed Aden.

The visitors were briefed on the recent piracy incidents off the coast and Operation Atalanta’s efforts to deter acts of piracy and protect World Food Programme vessels as they transit along the coast of Somalia.  After the meeting, a tour of ESPS Galicia was arranged to enable the Galmudug visitors to meet members of the Spanish crew, as well as the Force HQ team, led by Rear Admiral Rafael Fernández-Pintado Muñoz-Rojas.

The visit was seen by all as an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties between the European Union and Galmudug authorities.

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