Operation Atalanta Warship ITS Espero Conducts Maritime Training with Team from Bossaso Port Police +photos



EU Naval Force’s Italian warship, ITS Espero, welcomed representatives from the Bossaso Port Police (BPP) on board whilst at sea conducting counter-piracy operations.

As well as protecting World Food Programme humanitarian aid vessels, key roles for Operation Atalanta are to deter armed pirates from attacking ships as they transit along the coast of Somalia and to help EU sister mission, EUCAP Somalia, train regional forces to help develop maritime capabilities.

After being welcomed on board by ITS Espero’s commanding officer, Commander Luigi Pirozzi, the BPP team, headed by the Chief of Bossaso Police, Colonel Hashi, talked about the recent pirate attacks and the security situation at sea.

The maritime training included a series of briefings on boat handling, initial care provision and personnel inspections procedures, followed by practical demonstrations. The training was much appreciated by Colonel and his personnel, who expressed a strong willingness to find new opportunities to meet and train together again in the future.

Visits and joint training such as this serve to enhance mutual trust and understanding with local authorities and maritime police forces.

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