PPD Somalia-ICT working group meeting on communications regulation in Somalia

Shirka ay wada yeeshen Madasha wada hadalka kadhexeya dowlada iyo ganacsiga gaarka qaybta kashaqeysa Isgaarsiinta iyo Teknolojiyadda
Somalia Public Private Dialogue-ICT working group meeting in Mogadishu,jazeera hotel on 21st May,2017
Somalia Public Private Dialogue-ICT working group meeting in Mogadishu,jazeera hotel on 21st May,2017

Mogadishu, May 21. 2017. As a follow on to the Declaration agreed by government and private sector in London this month, a public private dialogue meeting on communications regulation will be held at the Jazeera Palace Hotel in Mogadishu on Sunday the 21st of May 2017. At the London conference on Somalia, H.E President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo )stated that his administration will ensure concrete and tangible steps are taken to improve the business environment with ICT being one of the core priority sectors of growth. “That is why this Somali Public Private Dialogue is so important for our nation – to structure a partnership between government and private sector that will be the basis for a prosperous and peaceful future”-H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo)
Minister for Posts, Telecom, and Technology, H.E. Abdi Ashur Hassan, speaking at the closing ceremony of four-day workshop on “Capacity building and training on finance and procurement” for Ministry staff, in collaboration with ICT Support Project, funded by the World Bank, stressed on need for capacity building in the fields of technology. The problem lies with the implementation, he said, adding, “We have to ensure that the rules and lessons learned are implemented in practice and spirit.”
The ICT Working Group meeting will be co -chaired by the Director General of the Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Technology Mr. Ahmed Daljire with Mr. Ali Adawe representing the private sector . The ICT working Group is facilitated by Mr.

Abdirashid M. Abdi, Senior Advisor to the Somali Public Private Dialogue under the Somali Investment Climate Reform Program successfully established by the World Bank Group.
Somalia’s mobile communications sector continues to outperform some of its neighbors that have retained monopoly, state-owned operators, such as Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, in terms of the number of mobile subscriptions. But government and private sector alike highlight the need for a legal framework to enable growth of the sector.

Note: Figures in brackets in panel a show the number of mobile operators in each country.
Source: World Bank (2016) World Development Report: Digital Dividends

An important opportunity for the passing of regulation for the ICT sector, in the form of Somalia’s National Communications Act, is now at hand. This meeting agenda will entail the progress of reforms proposed by the ICT sector, review and redrafting of the National Communications Act jointly by the Public and Private Sector and in tandem with the review of the draft law, identify quick wins to creating a more enabling business environment in Somalia.
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