Unusual silence of UN, US, EU, and AU on the political crisis dismantling Somalia


15 days passed since the Council of Inter-State Cooperation of the Federal Member States of Somalia declared the halting of their cooperation with the Federal Government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as protest for its divisive actions and failures in inclusive politics, security, constitutional review, respect of the human rights, corruption, election preparation, and promotion of federalism (decentralization system), while the international community, particularly the UN, US, EU, and AU,remain unusually silent about this political crisis undermining the whole statebuilding efforts in Somalia.

During the Administration of former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the UN, US, EU, AU, and selected countries used to quickly issue statements of concern every time the federal member states complained or disagreed with the Federal government pressuring it to accommodate the demands of the federal member states even if those demands were against the long term public interests and harmony of the people of Somalia.

This unusual silence of the international community strengthens the information that the US, and EU entered into special bargain with the federal government of President Farmajo that both powers will defend the federal government at any way and cost, even if it commits the most egregious violations of the constitution, human rights, poor performance, or faces public discontent. That kind of information suppresses the flourishing of public hope for accountable government in Somalia.

The public attack against the outgoing UN Special Representative of the Secretary General, Michael Keating, for not highlighting the “great” achievements of the federal government and the success for the removal of former EU Special Envoy to Somalia Veronique Lorenzo and the empowerment of Mr Alexander Rondos, the European Union Special Representative for the Horn of Africa, speculated as good friend and defender of the federal government for unknown reasons have emboldened the federal government to ignore the respect of the constitution and human rights, and the executive’s accountability to the federal parliament.

Some informed individuals argue that the UN, US, EU, AU, and Norway bought a distorted narrative of the three power-holders of the federal government about the causes behind the sluggish progress of statebuilding process in Somalia. The narrative is that some social groups are pro-statebuilding while others are anti-statebuilding and authoritarianism accelerates the statebuilding progress.

Dr.  Mohamud Uluso

Email: mohamuduluso@gmail.com